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January 15, 2022

There are many treatment methods for chronic pain, but the most commonly used are over-the-counter and prescription drugs. But the approaches to treating chronic pain are not limited to medications, including mind-body therapies, healthy diet, physical therapy, psychological treatment, and many others. As you read further, you will see interesting approaches to chronic pain management.

Bioelectric therapy is one of the approaches employed to help relieve pain. It does that by stopping pain messages from reaching the brain. The process produces an endorphins chemical responsible for stopping these pain sensations from getting to the brain.

Another approach to pain is physical therapy which alleviates pain by using unique techniques that promote movement and function caused by disability. Aside from using pain-relieving techniques and stretching, a physical therapist may use TENS to aid treatment. Resting for a short time can relieve pain, but excessive rest may increase pain. Research has revealed that regular exercise can relieve pain in the long term by enhancing flexibility. Exercise also enhances the release of endorphins which serve as the body’s painkillers.

Lifestyle change is another important option for medication. If you suffer from chronic pain, it is pertinent to accept your limitations and adapt. Always pay attention to your body. Take a break after making many trips when carrying groceries. One important lifestyle change is to try quitting smoking. Scientifically, nicotine is known to point out pain and delay healing.

Psychological treatment also proffers safe and non-drug approaches that can treat your pain by minimizing high levels of physiological stress that may intensify the pain. A good part of psychological treatment for chronic pain is educating patients, helping them gain skills to manage very hard challenges. It is also good to consider relaxation techniques because it helps to relieve chronic pain-related discomfort.

A good diet is another important factor that is sometimes overlooked. Maintaining a healthy weight could greatly help reduce your back pain by lowering the pressure on the spine. It is advisable to consult with your physician or nutritionist to know if your diet could contribute to your chronic pain.

One can also visit a pain clinic to get solutions for chronic pain. Generally, pain clinics use a multidisciplinary approach employing psychologists, physicians, and physical therapists. Many studies revealed that chronic pain sufferers gained about 50% improvement in pain reduction after visiting a pain clinic.

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