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I am writing to provide a strong recommendation for Jason Ferine as an exceptional physical therapist for knee replacement patients. Having worked closely with Jason Ferine over the past for past six month, I have witnessed his outstanding dedication, expertise, and genuine care for their patients. Jason Ferine possesses a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding knee replacement surgeries and the importance of tailored rehabilitation programs. His comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and post-surgical protocols enables him to create personalized treatment plans that optimize patient recovery and functional outcomes. One of Jason Ferine’s notable strengths is his exceptional communication skills. He has an innate ability to establish a strong rapport with patients, creating a comfortable and supportive environment. This empathetic approach helps me feel at ease during their rehabilitation journey, fostering trust and motivation. By closely monitoring my progress and adjusting interventions as necessary, he ensures optimal recovery and minimize complications. Overall, I highly recommend Jason Ferine as an invaluable physical therapist. His exceptional skills, compassionate demeanor, and commitment to patient-centered care makes him an ideal choice for providing physical therapy services to knee replacement patients. I have no doubt that Jason Ferine will make a significant positive impact on the lives of the patients under their care.

Dr. Ramin Sadr

I’ve been going to Jason to treat my lower back for a few years and I cannot recommend him enough! I have chronic pain from a childhood injury and a lifetime of poor posture. I’ve been to many physical therapists and Jason is the only one who’s offered me any real relief. I don’t have bad flair ups anymore, and when I do feel any tension, Jason’s always able to work through it in a session. I think part of it is that he uses a variety of exercises and treatments, not just the usual stretching and bodywork (although he does that too!). He’s able to pinpoint the issue and temper his approach accordingly. I’ve already referred 2 friends to him that are now devotees and I’d recommend him to anyone experiencing back pain, recovering from an injury, or just in need of maintenance. Thanks so for all you do, Jason!

Ruby Smyth

I do not even know where to start. I was unfortunate to have a work related accident, had torn meniscus surgery, went through a couple of PT’s and was graced to land at JFPT door steps. The moment I walked in, I felt HOPE after struggling through this awful injury that has plagued me for over a year. The space is super clean, super organized and is well equipped for some serious PT! I’ll start with Lindsey, that woman is the captain of the ship. Super thorough, friendly, energetic and very kind. Always makes sure I am there when I need to and the scheduling system is great. And now, Jason. Jason is like a walking encyclopedia of the human muscular anatomy. It just amazes me on how much he knows and more impressively on what to do with that information. Jason has guided me through this really tough recovery, has given me the gift of knowledge on how I can lead my life with healthy forms and habits and most importantly was very positive and supportive through my tumbles and victories. Jason, you are a HEALER. I will soon be done with my PT and will miss coming to see this amazing team. I hope this referral helps those in real need to JFPT’s doorstep as well. Thank you Jason and Lindsey!!

nenci bates

Life changing experience. Jason has been helping my father for the past several months. My dad is very hard to please and he says Jason has been a game changer for his physical health. Jason has really gotten to know my dad’s limitations and is constantly working to help him improve. He shifts his workouts as my dad has been progressing. His office manager, Lindsey, is amazing as well. So easy to work with, and truly care about their patients. I HIGHLY recommend them for all your physical therapy needs.


Taking care of your body is like brushing your teeth and you need to do it regularly. Jason helps me to do just that – take care of my body. His knowledge of physical therapy, fitness and nutrition is excellent. I have been working with him for about 3 years and I’m so glad I choose Jason Ferine Physical Therapy. I’ve never felt better.

Kathy Kelly

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Chris Jaeb

Jason takes the time to really understand the issue and provide a combination of therapies that create results. He is super conscious and tuned into all aspects of the anatomy. And he is a great guy. 

Nora Wendel

Jason is a highly experienced and knowledgeable physical therapist who has successfully helped me resolve several body mechanic (and pain) issues without drugs! He is a terrific person, too! I’m so pleased to know him!