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May 26, 2021

“It feels like there are rocks in my calves,” my patient explained. “And no matter how much I stretch or massage them they never go away.” This is a common refrain in the clinic from my multi-sport athlete patients. Calves, quads, and shoulders are always hotspots.

The reality is that tight and painful muscles affect the way we move and can wreck our training and even lead to injury.

JFPT uses a style of acupuncture uniquely suited for athletes. The technique, often referred to as dry needling, uses thin acupuncture needles to treat deep or hard-to-reach spots in overactive muscles and trigger points. The needle relieves pain by relaxing the muscle spasm and improving flexibility. Needling not only decreases pain and tension, but also improves blood flow to the muscle by helping the body clear inflammation and speed up recovery to allow you to reach your goals.

Every athlete has them – tight knots and bands of muscle that seem ever-present in the muscles we use the most. Although those spots may begin as just an annoyance, once they begin to disrupt your training and progress, your feelings quickly shift to full anger. Who has time for poor or prolonged recovery? What about all that hard work you’ve been putting in?

Our clinicians at JFPT understand how much you value your health and how hard it is to deal with pain and injury. Adam Schultz is a licensed physical therapist and acupuncturist who administers unique treatments using advanced orthopedic skills and needling techniques to help his patients feel better, recover faster, and maximize their performance potential.

At JFPT, each patient undergoes a full orthopedic evaluation that allows us to customize a unique treatment plan that often includes needling, cupping, manual therapy, and exercise. All treatment sessions are conducted exclusively by clinicians. Visit our website, jasonferinephysicaltherapy.com, or call our office at (424) 365-2083 to schedule an appointment.

Imagine what it will feel like when those stubborn, tight knots soften and release. You can be sure that all your hard work in training will end in success!

If you’re looking to finally relax tight muscles that are beyond the reach of lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and massage guns, give acupuncture a try. LATC members receive 20% off the initial evaluation, so schedule a treatment today and let’s get moving!

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