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“I found Jason while my PT offices shut down for the pandemic. He was able to fit me in and really grateful to find him. He knows his stuff, active release therapy and reassurance that I will get better with the right time/exercises. He listens to what is going on with your pain and develops the right treatment each visit. In addition, his offices are extremely clean and takes the highest precautions to ensure safety for his patients.” 

– L.B.

“Jason is the most professional and skilled physical therapist and trainer. I cannot recommend anyone more highly.” 

– E.F.

“Wonderful place! I’ve been using the infrared sauna here and have had a terrific experience. Jason and Lindsey are friendly, helpful, and professional, and the space is always clean and well maintained. I highly recommend Jason Ferine Physical Therapy & Fitness Training ?” 

– S.N.

“Jason is an outstanding trainer. I have been working with him for about 4 months and am extremely happy with the results since I am getting much more flexible and stronger after every session. Jason is very professional and makes the workouts interesting and challenging.” 

– A.B.

“Jason has a remarkable ability to blend his knowledge of physical therapy with fitness training to rehabilitate acute and chronic injuries. He safely improved my fitness level and developed a home exercise program to prevent future injury. He truly listens and is a great personal trainer.” 

– K.K.

“Exceptional skill set and knowledge. !! Jason is Compassionate, attentive, professional, cordial and has a most lighthearted disposition.
I’ve had the pleasure to work with jason as a physical therapist and personal trainer over 4 1/2 years and continue to do so. I’ve seen remarkable results” 

– A.C.

“Jason Ferine is a one on one PT , caring , courteous and knowledgeable. I’m glad I chose him.” 

– R.O.

“Jason is a unbelievably knowledgeable, talented and efficient therapist and trainer – can’t recommend him highly enough – and on top of that, he is a nice and pleasant person!!” 

– J.B.

“Jason has helped me with chronic sciatic & knee pain. His treatments along with home exercise programs has relieved me of my pain.” 

– L.L.

“With numerous physical ailments hounding me, I’ve been treated by various practitioners over the years with very little relief. After many, many doctors, therapists, acupuncturists and others, I can honestly say that no one has helped me more than Jason Ferine. First off, he doesn’t just jump right in. He takes time to ask questions and carefully evaluate what is going on with you. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted on people who took the easy and most apparent diagnosis, only to have gained very little relief from their efforts.
Jason took a very pragmatic approach to me and went all the way back to the root of all my ailments and began healing me there. From that point, I knew I found the right guy, FINALLY. I can’t recommend him enough, he’s been the one person who understood and treated me for the long term, not just a temporary fix.” 

– L. M.

“After a series of life-threatening medical issues, I started seeing Jason for personal training after a friend in our building recommended him. After a series of life-threatening medical issues – shortly after beginning, I broke my right fibula and thought it was only a sprain. I am now using Jason for physical therapy on my leg – looking forward to a full recovery and getting back to personal training workouts. I am truly impressed with Jason’s overall understanding of the body, his attention to detail and his genuine attention to my issues and explanation of therapy – he is one of a kind.” 

– J. B.

“I couldn’t rave more about Jason. He certainly knows what he’s doing. I started seeing him a few years ago, with a serious knee injury. The orthopedist suggested knee injections and determined knee replacement down the line. 3 years later, with Jason’s help, I am in better shape and my knee is functioning pain-free and I am even back to playing tennis.” 

– J. S.

“Robyn has changed the way I think about health and nutrition forever! I first sought out advice from her after I had a baby and was getting back in shape. I have always eaten “healthy”, worked out 5-6 days a week, played sports in college, and ran marathons, but after talking with Robyn about regaining my pre baby body, I quickly found out that the foods I considered “healthy” weren’t the best foods for my body. In other words, I wasn’t feeding my body with the proper fuel it needs for day to day energy, working out, and for longevity. I was also shocked to discover that my regular diet of “healthy” foods were ones that caused inflammation! Robyn started educating me on the proper foods I could begin to incorporate in my diet immediately. It’s been a year since Robyn set me up with the proper nutrition guidelines – clean, healthy eating. Since then, I feel healthier inside and out. I’m in better shape now than I was before I had the baby. My mind is clear, I have incredible energy – noticeably while I work out, and I’m able to incorporate this into my daughter’s eating habits as well – a toddler on the move! Robyn is a life saver and I continue to look forward to working with her for many years to come! ” 

– L.P.

“Jason was recommended as a physical therapist for an ankle injury I suffered in a Pilates Class. He took the time to understand the root cause of why my ankle was injured and then fixed it. Now, Jason is my fitness trainer because of his extensive knowledge of physical therapy and diagnostic ability. He is helping me to get fit without injury.” 

– K. K.

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