At JFPT, we encourage and promote a healthy and fun way of life. We believe that our bodies evolved to function a certain way, to interact with our natural environment by doing certain movements like squatting, pushing, pulling, climbing, and running or walking for long distances, not to just sit at a desk day in and day out. We encourage youthful and fun behavior which is a perfect stress reliever. In today‚Äôs modern times, our idea of exercising and movement is concentrated on going to the gym and losing weight. We want to break this mold of going about our daily exercise and bring a new, fun option for health and wellness to everyone’s lives. Our goal is to re-educate you about movement and how our bodies are meant to function. Besides our fitness training sessions offered, which help re-educate you in proper movement and form, we invite you to join us for a free bi-monthly meetup, where the objective is to get outdoors and play!

Our outings are offered at various locations and give guidance in hiking, rock climbing, track sprint-training, swim-training (pool entrance fee required), basketball, beach volleyball, or any type of group activity that gets us outdoors and physically active.


2300 Westwood Blvd, STE 100, Los Angeles, 90064


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