Health Coaching

Food is one of our passions and a huge part of our lifestyle approach to full health and wellness. Through this passion, we believe that health coaching will change the consciousness of the planet, making it a healthier and happier place.

With an emphasis on building health from the inside out, our practical and scientific approach to healthy eating is designed to take the confusion out of eating right. There are no diet plans with rigid or daunting goals that you need to be militant about, nor do we make you count calories or weigh your food. We simply believe in good, clean, fresh food that will nurture your body and soul!

We foster a mindset in being the Master of your own life by making a decision and changing your everyday habits. Our Health Coaching program, which is Primal Blueprint certified, guides you in creating healthy, sustainable results. helping you be more conscious of the everyday choices that you make, bringing you one step closer to optimal wellness. A healthy lifestyle is more than reaching the short-term health or weight goals through dieting. We believe in creating healthy, sustainable habits that will change yours, and your family’s lives.
This path doesn’t just start and end with the food we eat but addresses the whole body and mind…from digestion and whole body strength: to dealing with stress, building immunity and resilience, and maintaining a positive outlook. Through your own journey of change, we believe that this is the most effective way of creating healthy habits.

The health coach expert will work together with you in person, on the phone, or via text and email, creating a specific unique plan that includes nutritional and physical goals. The coach’s job is to understand your current lifestyle choices and then discuss how those choices affect your overall health, and how changes can be made to optimize your life.

We are committed to working together as a team with mutual intention and purpose because our ultimate goal is empowering you to reach your healthiest, happiest life!


Robyn Yannoukos’s journey into the health world is a unique one. She comes from a background in Film and Television, who, after 12 years in the industry, has won two Emmy Awards. It all began after taking an aptitude test as a teenager, with the results showing two very different paths, that of advertising or Osteopathy. She decided to pursue her career in the creative realm, culminating in her MFA in Film and Television (Animation) from UCLA. However, after a lifelong journey of being an athlete, followed by unhealthy eating habits and consequent health issues, she decided to re-focus her efforts on the second part of that aptitude test, that being in the world of helping and supporting people to an optimal state of health and well-being. Her personal story of struggle, growth, and development has changed the course and is now a catalyst for change. She is a certified Primal Blueprint Health Coach and focuses on creating a lifestyle for longevity and wellness by prolonging the aging process, and avoiding ill health in older years.

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