Group Training

JFPT offers group wellness programs ranging from fall prevention, strength training, fitness programs, and sports performance training. We offer an opportunity to train in a small and intimate group setting while providing a wide variety of group classes. Our classes are capped at 2-3 people to provide a more personal and focused experience. Please contact us for times available for classes.

Small group personal training helps you reach your fitness goals faster than working out on your own. Our trainer leads each session in groups of 2 to 3 people, allowing each member to receive more personal attention than they’d get at most fitness boot camps or group fitness classes. Exercises are designed to maximize each of your individual results.

You’ll also benefit from the health and lifestyle education you’ll receive from your trainer, like nutrition and workout tips, or choose to do health coaching group packages, at a lower cost than one-on-one coaching. The rest of your group will be an additional support system to help you stay on track!
Small group personal training is a cost-effective way to receive individual training while working out with friends, creating a fun, supportive environment. Sign up with a friend, or expect to make some new ones!


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