Jason Ferine started working as a physical therapist in 2007 after receiving his Master’s in Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, along with a Bachelor’s in Health Science in 2005. Shortly after graduating, Jason began working as a physical therapist in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. A journey from the East to West coast began Jason’s expansion of his therapeutic modalities into outpatient therapy, aquatic rehab and fitness training. Jason’s experience grew once again, in running a center when he took a job as an assistant clinic director for a top physical therapy clinic in Santa Monica, CA. Finally, in September 2016, he opened his own facility, JFPT, a customized studio environment tailored to provide the ideal service for your individual needs. With all of the advanced forms of therapy and knowledge that he has gained over the years, this is where Jason Ferine Physical Therapy and Fitness Training has truly taken shape.


Robyn Yannoukos’s journey into the health world is a unique one. She comes from a background in Film and Television, who, after 12 years in the industry, has won two Emmy Awards. It all began after taking an aptitude test as a teenager, with the results showing two very different paths, that of advertising or Osteopathy. She decided to pursue her career in the creative realm, culminating in her MFA in Film and Television (Animation) from UCLA. However, after a lifelong journey of being an athlete, followed by unhealthy eating habits and consequent health issues, she decided to re-focus her efforts on the second part of that aptitude test, that being in the world of helping and supporting people to an optimal state of health and well-being. Her personal story of struggle, growth, and development has changed the course and is now a catalyst for change. She is a certified Primal Blueprint Health Coach and focuses on creating a lifestyle for longevity and wellness by prolonging the aging process, and avoiding ill health in older years.

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